Apple iOS 6 vs Android Jelly Bean

If you are heading towards reading a tech blog or technical website, you will get the impression that you should go for a device that has Android or iOS.  If you are planning to buy your first phone, you need to get educated little about both the OS- Android and iOS. The OS that you find on the PC such as Mac or Windows is incredibly powerful and matured. These operating systems have complete range of stuff.


Phone OS that is built here makes use of nifty things such as proximity sensor, accelerometer, and touch screen. Nowadays, the operating systems on smart phones are much faster and completely polished.


Here is the side by side comparison of the best OS available in the smart phone market- iOS 6 vs Android Jelly Bean.


Let’s start with Maps, which is already news.

Here Jelly Bean wins the competition. iOS 6 flyover feature looks pretty cute; however, it is not that great and useful. Turn by turn navigation in Google maps is pretty accurate.


Apple has introduced more number of features in new iOS 6. It is almost catching up with Android. You can dismiss the single notification and you can also see an extended mail notification. iOS 6 has the ability to post notifications from Facebook and Twitter.

Mail and Browsing

New mail has been updated in iOS 6. Now, you have VIP folder, where you can attach photos, flag emails, as well as videos to the mails. Jelly Bean has both these features. It is tough to pick the winner here.

Speed, Smooth, and User friendly

Initially, iOS was smoother; later Jelly bean came into the picture. iOS was smooth, fast, and powerful. In the older versions, Jelly Bean is little jaggy, slow, and laggy.

Looks and UI

iOS looks great always and in each iteration company has changed the overall look subtly that looks better. Company has introduced the retina display, which is even better. Early versions of OS, Android did not look like Unified. Google hasn’t changed the overall look of Jelly bean.

Voice Integration

Using Siri will be funny and in iOS, it is much more useful. Here you cn get sports data, can book restaurants, and movie listings. On the other hand, Google is faster now, offers you ambient history, and calendar appointments.

However, in the end, both the systems are great. After all, Google wins the competition with Google Maps.

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